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Globalization and the advances in Tourism and Hospitality Industry have brought in many changes in today’s employment scenario with great opportunities for professionals to grow. The Hospitality and Tourism Industry is the fastest growing, job creating industry in the world. With annual revenue approaching $600 billion, over 40 million people are directly or indirectly employed in Tourism and Hospitality segment. According to world Tourism Organizational, the industry creators a new post every 5 seconds and Tourism is the single largest industry in the world which will accommodate one fifth of the total manpower and will grow manifold in future. India is one of the largest employment creation country in the world and it supports 48 million jobs, directly or indirectly and accounts for 8 percent of the GDP according to Department of Tourism estimates. Figures from the World Travel and Tourism Council have reported that the industry growing at a rate of 23 percent faster than that of the global economy, employing 212 million and earning approximately $3.5 trillion(U.S dollars) annually.

Where ever people go they need two things i.e. Food and Accommodation and the Hospitality Industry caters to there two basic needs efficiently. The industry needs trained and efficient professionals for the effective growth and development of their organizations. The employment opportunities in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry are vast and growing.Properly trained and ski8lled persons have a wide range of opportunity to work in the sectors like Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Railways Airlines, Cruise lines, Industrial Houses, Fast Food Outlets and many more. To work in the Hospitality Industry team work in essential, one has to be disciplined, polite, smart, well groomed and punctual. Our faculty members are totally dedicated to share all their comprehension and zeal to the learners and groom every student.


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The mission of AIMS is to make Hositality Education accessible and affordable so that more students can pursue their dreams to become successful professionals in Hotel and Hospitality Sector.

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