Course Career

Following the current demands and trends, providing a education in AIMS COLLEGE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT campus is completely on line with the industry norms interms of infrastructure and latest Technology. Students learn the various skills in areas of Hotel operations and alied feilds in the time that they spend on campus.

Catering Establishment

• Air Lines

• Railways

• Hospital Catering

• Industrial Canteens

• Military & Defense Canteens

• Executive House Keeper

• Training Manager

• H.R. Manager


• Hotels

• Restaurants

• Hotel Management Institutions

• Fast Food Chains etc.,

• Food Stalls.

• Executive House Keeper

Hotel & Resorts

• General Manager

• Sales / Marketing Manager

• Food & Beverage Manager

• Executive Chef

• Front Office Manager

• Executive House Keeper

• Training Manager

• H.R. Manager

Travel & Tourism

• Business Tourism Manager

• Business Travel Specialist

• Market Research Specialist

• Tourist Office Manager

• Marketing Manager


choose aims ... chase dreams...

The mission of AIMS is to make Hositality Education accessible and affordable so that more students can pursue their dreams to become successful professionals in Hotel and Hospitality Sector.

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